EXF creates innovative functional training rig for studio Sweat IT

Proving no job is too difficult, we kitted out the premium functional training studio Sweat IT.

Working in partnership with Ben Paul, founder of Sweat IT, our team fitted the facility with brand new flooring throughout as well as creating one of our most bespoke and innovative functional training rigs yet.

Sweat IT focuses on a combined treadmill and functional rig workout. The project involved creating and installing a bespoke functional training rig in the confines of an underground space and in a room with structural pillars and beams. The rig was completely bespoke to match the studio’s unique offering, which combines strength, speed and endurance sessions. Allowing up to 20 people to work out at any one time, the rig includes fully height adjustable chin up bars, core trainers and an integrated storage solution for equipment.

The studio has been fitted out with a 75mm flooring solution to reduce noise and vibration from our  Power tile flooring range. Able to withstand the toughest environments the EXF power performance range, has been specifically designed for areas that require exceptional flooring protection.

“The functional rig is the foundation of the Sweat IT workout,” says Sweat IT founder Ben Paul. “It quickly became apparent that EXF were the only partner in this space that had the expertise and manufacturing capability to turn our vision into a reality.”

EXF completed the installation in just four days to ensure the club opened on time.


Calisthenics park for Worthing Council and Calisthenics UK​

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