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Gym Floor Storage

Our gym floor storage is designed to suit the equipment types and quantities in your gym. Our bespoke designs can hold an equipment including dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells and sandbags.

Studio Storage

Store everything from studio barbells to foam rollers with our unique solutions. Equipment is kept safe in one place while increasing workout space available.

Bespoke Storage

No one space is ever the same and an ‘off-the-shelf’ product is not always appropriate. Our design team will gather information on your exact needs before producing your bespoke storage design.

Combat Storage

Our solutions are perfect for the safe and hygienic storing of your combat equipment. This can range from pegs for boxing gloves to allow air circulation to storage cages for pads & bags and shelves for towels.

Maximising space

As part of our design process we look at all available space including any potential limitations such as service pipes or pillars. Our bespoke nature means we can create a solution to maximise every inch of space to ensure your workout area is fully utilised.

Branded storage

Not only can we provide customised branding on any piece of storage but we can also create custom labels for each shelf and section to help guide your members through the equipment.

British designers and manufacturers of rigs, boxing studios, performance flooring, bespoke storage and outdoor fitness equipment.

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We work with premium commercial and home gyms, schools, colleges and universities and outdoor fitness parks to create some of the most exciting installations in the UK.