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Whether you’re looking for your logo to be embedded on to the platform floor or for branding on a rack attachment, we can create a solution to suit your needs.

Customised Sizing

Our comprehensive consultation and design process means we’re able to fully customise the size and specification of your rack to fit any space, no matter how large, small or irregular.

Premium Aesthetic

We offer a full range from high quality, entry level pieces, to the most innovative and aesthetically stunning UK made racks on the market. With custom design, colours, branding and attachments, your rack will truly be a one of a kind.


Our platforms can be built in to the surrounding gym floor to offer a virtually seamless and level solution. They can also be integrated into your lifting racks, to any custom size, with bespoke branding. Ideal for S&C and lifting sites, this custom solution is both cost and space saving.

Multi functional

We offer the latest in innovative rack designs, ensuring to create something fun and multi-functional. We have a whole host of attachments for our multi-functional racks including dip bars, landmine trainers and pull-up bars.

Paint Finishes

We offer a range of paint finishes to suit your needs. This includes gloss, matt and a textured finish where required for elements requiring grip such as pull-up bars. We also offer a durable finish for outdoor exposure.